20th Century Modern Furniture and Accessories

About Machine Age

Alicia & Michael

Everything in our home suggests some aspect of our story: the studio itself, which Michael designed fifteen years ago; the antiques from Alicia’s childhood; the artwork we’ve traded for or picked up on our travels. The pieces we’ve acquired from Normand all mark a significant shift in how we inhabit our space, and we go to Machine Age precisely because we know that we’ll find beautifully designed modern furniture that lives up to — indeed exceeds — our vision. Recently, we renovated our kitchen only to discover that our old table blocked all movement in the new space. A rare “tea-height” version of the classic Saarinen tulip table from Machine Age creates an unbroken flow through and around the kitchen, and its low profile in contrast with the seventeen-foot reach of the skylight establishes an extraordinary play of volume.

-Alicia & Michael